Hi! First, let's introduce myself. My name is Gunter Gielen and I named my company G-raph!

Because I do graphics, my name begins with a 'G' and I love the animal with the long neck... that's all.

What I do?
I'm a freelance senior frontend developer for 4 days/week, that leaves me 1 day/week to do full projects on my own.

Freelance work
At the moment I'm freelancing at the national radio and television company VRT, where I started working in 2014 and where I do design for web and mostly frontend development. Frameworks I work with: mostly drupal, angularjs, reactjs, php, ... Please have a look at a selection of my freelance projects.

Full projects on my own
Being a designer and a developer at the same time, has always been a great benefit for me (and my customers). From day one, this saved me a lot of money and time! Which makes that I'm delivering high quality websites for less money. Please have a look at a selection of my projects.

I studied informatics at school and my first job (1999) was in a digital printing company. I was very interested in design and learned the graphical software all on my own. After that I worked in a offset printing company where I did pre-press and DTP work. From there to a communication company where I was creating high quality magazines and websites. In 2009 I finally decided to work on my own and started up my own company G-raph! web|app|graphics.
...and still rollin'!